Racing the clock in Abu Dhabi

Extend your layover in Abu Dhabi and breathe in the futuristic vibes of this city in the middle of the desert. Ferrari, the Louvre and the Guggenheim have done just that.

Shhh… Ten days (or more) in silence

Switch off your alarm clock for ten days. And the TV. And the phone. Give...

Gardens for a romantic dinner (or not)

They're oases in the middle of the city, the perfect setting for dinner for two...


In the guise of the Caribbean in the Indian Ocean, with turquoise seas and sandy coral beaches, Mauritius hides the promise of many adventures to come.
Santiago de Chile and Valparaíso

Signature cities

In the guise of the Caribbean in the Indian Ocean, with turquoise seas and sandy coral beaches, Mauritius hides the promise of many adventures to come.

The thanaka country

It is starting to find its way onto the list of favourite destinations, but Myanmar remains unknown to many and still has its secrets. Like the mysterious markings on the faces of Burmese people.

A man-made island

The craze for D.I.Y is nothing new. Centuries before the appearance of Pinterest and tutorials on YouTube, they were already putting...

Lalibela: Ethiopia’s Jerusalem

The Lasta mountains conceal the monastic city of Lalibela, whose temples were cut out of volcanic rock, to emulate the Holy...

Single-product restaurants: when less is more

Apple, truffle or potato, a single product so diners can discover its every possibility. Creative...

Romance at Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Who could turn down a proposal in a garden of crystal clouds? We’re not saying...

The ‘boutique hotel’ of the seas

The trend might be to build increasingly bigger and more ostentatious cruise ships, but Windstar...

The Caribbean of Africa

Cape Verde is the new Caribbean of Africa; ten islands located 700 kilometres from Dakar...

Nature and shopping in the alpine capital

Exploring the mountains at an altitude of 2,000 metres and bargain hunting don’t have to...

The kings of India

Traditionally the lion has held the title of king of the jungle, but things are different in India. Bengal tigers reign supreme.

The hidden temples of the Thai jungle

4 min
Foto destacada - Mountainer

Star Railways

4 min

The wild side of Cuba

4 min

In the heart of the Mediterranean

When you have the likes of Rome and Venice to compete with, you could easily...

The impossible burger arrives in California

Only the menus of three restaurants on the West Coast feature the ‘impossible burger’, a...

A trip down memory lane

Street markets, vintage shops and restaurants – recreations of times gone by where Time Machine...

Chauen, contemplation blue

In the foothills of the Rif mountains, northern Morocco, this tiny blue town delights travellers...

The Island free of paparazzi

In 1958, Lord Glenconner paid 45.000 pounds sterling to purchase Mustique. That is what it...

Diving with penguins

One of the most extreme scuba diving experiences is diving under the sea ice. If you can stand these sub-freezing temperatures, then you can enjoy some of the cleanest waters in the world.

On a cruise around Africa

The African Queen may be at the bottom of Lake Victoria, and there are no...

If you’re not shopping, you’re not in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong you can shop till you drop. But don’t kid yourself it’ll be...

Jordan: lost kingdoms, blue lizards and gladiators

Becoming Indiana Jones is just the beginning. Children love stories and Jordan is full of...

The German Costa Blanca

Rügen, the biggest island in Germany, hides a sweeping coastline, which overlooks the Baltic Sea...

Maldives, a celebration of love (and so much more)

Getting married is just an excuse to go to the Maldives, right? Before you call...