The Wildest of African Luxury

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Belize: five-star ecotourism

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Fox Bar de Soho House Chicago

Around the world in 80 clubs

Photos: Soho House
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Bangkok and its love of rooftops

Walking around the streets in the Thai capital is not the same as seeing it from hundreds of metres high above the ground. Lounge in one of Bangkok’s rooftop bars with a cocktail in your hand, and things take on...

Invented Geography: All aboard the SS Imagination

Macondo, Middle-Earth, King’s Landing, Neverland… We set off in search of magical and mythical locations...

Racing the clock in Abu Dhabi

Extend your layover in Abu Dhabi and breathe in the futuristic vibes of this city...


Bali invites you to dive into its waters, don a mask and dance until dawn, traverse the jungle between volcanoes and meditate in a cliff-top temple.
Bali invites you to dive into its waters, don a mask and dance until dawn, traverse the jungle between volcanoes and meditate in a cliff-top temple.

The endless bay

Water sports, beaches and shopping by day, then restaurants and nightclubs after sunset: All the attractions of Mauritius Island are concentrated in Grand Baie.

Is New York really the city that never sleeps?

The buzz of “the city that never sleeps” is contagious. When there’s so much to do at night, who’d want to...

#landscape for digital travellers

Follow in the tracks of these five travelling instagramers. Their photos brighten up our everyday and make any destination a tribute...

“The Isle of Skye is one of best places in the world for biking”

He has received over 200 million views on YouTube. It makes no difference at all...

Single-product restaurants: when less is more

Apple, truffle or potato, a single product so diners can discover its every possibility. Creative...

Shhh… Ten days (or more) in silence

Switch off your alarm clock for ten days. And the TV. And the phone. Give...

The Caribbean of Africa

Cape Verde is the new Caribbean of Africa; ten islands located 700 kilometres from Dakar...

The kings of India

Traditionally the lion has held the title of king of the jungle, but things are...

In the heart of the Mediterranean

When you have the likes of Rome and Venice to compete with, you could easily be ignored. But not so Apulia. Its history, legends and coastline make it impossible to miss.

Coober Pedy: living underground

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Where Beijing hides its art

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Caves, palaces and Zaha Hadid

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The most romantic city in China

It is often dubbed the Venice of China. 40 per cent of Suzhou is covered...

The wine cathedral

The urban artist Guido van Helten has transformed the old tanks of a winery in...

Bodrum, the Turkish Saint-Tropez

“Paradise of eternal blue”, according to Homer. More than 2,000 years later, there are other...

Lalibela: Ethiopia’s Jerusalem

The Lasta mountains conceal the monastic city of Lalibela, whose temples were cut out of...

The German Costa Blanca

Rügen, the biggest island in Germany, hides a sweeping coastline, which overlooks the Baltic Sea...

Nimbin: return to the 70s

Active communes, caravans decorated with the peace symbol and psychedelic t-shirts, all in the wilderness. We travel in time, to Nimbin, the last hippie paradise.

The ‘boutique hotel’ of the seas

The trend might be to build increasingly bigger and more ostentatious cruise ships, but Windstar...

‘Made in the Balearics’ shopping

You won’t leave with just the landscapes left fixed your retina. On your departure from...

The longest trail in the world

24,000 km long, the Great Trail traverses Canada from coast to coast, making the country...

Pantelleria, see Africa from Sicily

A volcanic island that lies between Italy and Africa, Pantelleria is the black pearl of...

Edible and photogenic: the 21st century diet

The latest crazes in the foodie world include milkshakes with unicorn horns and a lot...