>>>Córdoba’s Patios, the beauty of the ephemeral

Córdoba’s Patios, the beauty of the ephemeral

Whitewashed houses; orange blossoms and jasmine on every corner; railings and halls reminiscent of past times; harmonious plant arrangements; the Mosque ever-present in the background; Spanish guitars setting the mood; sandals; the Andalusian sun. Spring might not be eternal, but it is exquisite.

From the 1st to the 13th of May, flowers take possession of Córdoba (in the south of Spain). In this Andalusian city, balconies turn green and reds and pinks dominate the façades. Traditional Andalusian patios, with their ancestral fountains, are covered with flowerpots and travellers wander around taking in the gorgeous sights.

Neighbourhoods like Alcázar Viejo and Santa Marina are the most popular destinations during the Patio Festival, which started way back in 1921 and has been inscribed onto the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. One of the top locations is the Palace of Viana, which boasts 12 different patios. In addition to guided tours, visitors can download a mobile app with maps and information on each area. The festival only lasts two weeks, but it’s well worth travelling down to enjoy the beauty of life’s transience.

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