>>>Doggy holidays
Photo: Posh Pet Hotel

Doggy holidays

A break from routine, good food and relaxation in a top quality spa... Do you think you’ve earned it? Your dog thinks exactly the same about himself.
ou spend time with him, share the bed with him (no matter how much resistance you put up) and you even look like each other. Michael Roy, professor of psychology at UC San Diego has carried out a study that shows that there is a certain resemblance between dogs and their owners. And shared features are not only in looks. Dogs are sensitive to stress and tension around them. That’s why, if you need a holiday, your best friend does too.
Take your dog’s regular food with you to the resort as well as his medicines, collar and some familiar playthings.
Photo: Olde Towne Pet Resort

Canine Big Brother is watching

Most resorts have CCTV in the common zones to be able to locate your dog at any moment. The deluxe suites in the Old Towne Pet Resort are fitted with individual cameras so you can see your pet 24 hours a day.

Dog homes have developed into the dog-world equivalent of 5-star hotels.The 110 dollar a day deluxe suites in Olde Towne Pet Resort, in Springfield (USA) have TV in the bedroom so your dog can enjoy the sounds and images that are familiar to him. There are stairs leading up to the window so he can see outside, and two rest spots in the recreation zone. In addition to his four walks per day, the dogs can use the spa facilities that include services of manicure and a relaxing bath. They have everything they need to go back to their homes “de-stressed and very happy”, according to Lemoyne Blackshear, the owner of the poodles Quetzal and Xena, two regular visitors at the resort.
If your dog is staying in the Presidential Posh Suite at Posh Pet Hotel in Miami, it will enjoy the pleasures of having its belly scratched and a bedtime story read. It’s all part of the service that cost 120 dollars a night. In Zen Wellness centre, the pets benefit from acupuncture and Chinese massages from the hands of a long experienced holistic healer. Complimentary treatments are available for arthritis, alergies, mobility problems and even stress. The menu too is premium standard. Chef Leo prepares the home-style meals of beef or chicken with all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial colouring, and no gluten.
The resorts have vets on call 24/7.
Photo: Luxe Pet Hotel
Limits on pampering do not exist. Spa Dog, in Vancouver, offers baths with organic shampoo, vegan menus and non-animal tested products. There are also resorts that offer rehabilitation therapies. Pets in the City in Saint Louis (Missouri, USA) is a case to hand. Their services include hydrotherapy courses for arthritis, post-operative treatments to facilitate rehabilitation, and chiropractice to help align the spine.
For the accommodation, the luxury resorts opt for open spaces in place of kennels.
Photo: Olde Towne Pet Resort
Paradise Ranch Pet Resort in Los Ángeles has an open-air Hawaian-style pool for pets. It’s a perfect place for them to have a dip, have fun, and hold a doggy birthday party that is the envy of the canine world. In  Luxe Pet Hotels in Las Vegas, the two key factors are luxury and relax. Your dog will be staying in a room with a 42-inch TV and a king-size bed with viscoelastic mattress. There is one risk involved: that your best friend may not want to return home with you.

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