Genipabu: a completely unique spectacle

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  • Imagen destacada
    A sign has been hung at the entrance saying “no photos” or simply “no entry”, but, in the minds of intrepid photographers, this warning sounds like an invitation.
  • Foto-destacada
    One of the most extreme scuba diving experiences is diving under the sea ice. If you can stand these sub-freezing temperatures, then you can enjoy some of the cleanest waters in the world.
  • Imagen-destacada
    At the Iguazu Falls you can only hear the crashing of its 275 colossal waterfalls, falling from a height of over 80 metres.
  • Trekking-en-la-Cordillera-Huayhuash
    Beautiful lakes, snow-covered peaks and better yet, the local people, will accompany you during this 120-kilometre route along the Cordillera Huayhuash mountain range.
  • Safari-en-Ngorongoro
    Seen from above, it looks like the imprint of a massive meteorite that has crashed into Earth. However, instead of destroying the area, it left an explosion of life.
  • El-nuevo-Caminito-del-Rey-se-inauguro-en-marzo-de-2015
    Constructed on the walls of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes canyon, el Caminito del Rey (the King’s Way) ended up becoming a legend. Now you can walk it.
  • Nido
    Prepare to dine in the sky…because what we’re suggesting is that you eat hanging from a tree in the heart of the Thai jungle. Are you prepared to eat dinner at such a height?
  • Ashboarding
    With this new extreme form of surfing, you don’t need waves or even to be close to the sea. Welcome to a form of ‘waterproof adrenaline’.
  • Longimanus-opt
    Heaven for scuba divers is two thousand metres down in the depths of the Indian Ocean. Don’t be fooled by its name: its waters are crystal clear.
  • Devil's-Pool
    The Victoria Falls are a true spectacle in themselves, but the most intrepid travellers don’t have to settle for photographs from afar: they can dive into the “Devil’s Pool”.
  • Pasarela-Changong-Zhanda-
    “Everything that passes this point will become immortal”. That is the inscription that awaits you if you manage to reach the summit of Mount Hua. Is it really as difficult as it seems?
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