>>>The most dangerous path in the world

The most dangerous path in the world

Constructed on the walls of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes canyon, el Caminito del Rey (the King’s Way) ended up becoming a legend. Now you can walk it.
The path is less than a metre wide above a three hundred-metre-high natural gorge. That’s el Caminito del Rey and its located in el Desfiladero de los Gaitanes canyon in the province of Malaga, Spain. The Guadalhorce River is responsible for this unique setting, which with the inexorable passing of time has been slowly cutting away the rock from the Sierra de Huma mountain range, forming curves and cavities until arriving at its present idiosyncratic shape. What is known as “the most dangerous path in the world” begins in the town of Ardales in Malaga, passes through Antequera, and ends in the village of El Chorro, a beautiful place and highly sought after by nature lovers, especially by those climbers.

A dizzying construction

Over five million euros have been invested in the restoration work of the path and the entire gorge area. Experienced mountaineers, climbers and potholers have played a significant role in the repairs, working by hanging from the wall of the gorge in order to fasten the anchors to the rock.

The path, built between 1901 and 1905, was used as an access route by maintenance workers between two waterfalls, el Gaitanejo and el Chorro. In 1921, due to the opening of the Conde del Guadalhorce Dam, Alfonso XIII walked this path and hence the name by which it is now known.
With the passing of time and the lack of maintenance over the years, moving along it was made practically impossible: there were areas without handrails, holes in the narrow paving and slippery stretches due to the water from broken piping. Walking it was very dangerous, and precisely for this reason, tourists from all over the world became interested in doing so. That was how the legend of el Caminito del Rey began, a legend that became clouded with negative connotations in 1999 and 2000 when several deadly accidents occurred. The local government rushed to close access points and imposed heavy fines against anyone who dared to try and walk it. However, this only increased its allure amongst adrenaline addicts: consequently, another even more complicated climbing route was opened, which turned this risky walk into a key location for lovers of extreme sports.
We would not recommend a walk along el Caminito del Rey in similar risky conditions. Our suggestion is that you do so in complete safety, but without missing out on its dizzying views. After many political and bureaucratic plans, el Caminito has been restored and you can now walk it without risking your life in the process. That doesn’t stop it being a heart-renching experience: not only do you have to walk along its footbridges, you also have to cross a hanging bridge that is 105 metres high. The current Caminito del Rey is 7.7 kilometres long and the estimated time to complete it is between 4 and 5 hours.

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