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The water of the lakes of southern India dances to the rhythm of ores. The choreography for the regattas of Kerala is the country’s most populous dance.
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    The capital of Zhejiang can (and does) boast that it is the most sustainable city in the Asian giant. And with good reason: its parks and West Lake.
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    A break from routine, good food and relaxation in a top quality spa... Do you think you’ve earned it? Your dog thinks exactly the same about himself.
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    The magic of Harry Potter is sprinkled all over the British Isles. Vand visiting locations used in the massively popular films is so easy, that even a muggle could do it.
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    Why go to the Cayman Islands if you don’t have millions to open a bank account? Answer: In the fifth financial centre of the world, there’s more to do than save money.
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    Imagine combining the imagination of Jules Verne with the ingenuity of Leonardo Da Vinci. What would we get? The answer can be found in Nantes and its living machines.
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    The Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world's longest and deepest railway tunnel, connects the Swiss Alps from north to south. There's no other engineering project like it on earth.
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    Longer than three football pitches, the Harmony of the Seas prepares to be the Mediterranean's top cruise ship.
    There’s life outside of Havana and its malecón. It’s in the Bay of Taco and at Baracao on Cuba’s east coast, an invitation to lose yourself in lush greens and deep blues.
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    Underwater art? Yes, Lanzarote has followed the Cancun, with its collection of 500 submerged sculptures, and opened a sub-aquatic museum of its own. So, pull on your wetsuit and get exploring!
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    For centuries, Switzerland has been a world leader in the manufacturing of watches. Few people know, however, that the heart of the craft beats deep in the Jura Mountains, where 90% of all Swiss watches are made.
    "Surreal and surprising”. That’s how Camp Grounded, a summer camp for adults with its headquarters in Mendocino, California, is defined. To enter, you have to leave your prejudices and What’sApp behind.
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    See southern Portugal at its most exclusive: villas with private pool, Michelin-starred restaurants and terrace bars with views over the Atlantic.
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    After the forty-niners swept through the 'golden' lands of California, the Australian outback was the scene of another, quieter fever, the opal rush.
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    Blurring the boundary between reality and fantasy to bring these mythological creatures to life. From the Mediterranean to the Pacific, 'mermaiding' is the new trendy water sport.
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    Utah and Arizona share Monument Valley, but the latter will always belong to John Ford, who in spite of not being the fastest draw in the West, still conquered it anyway.
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    The secret of Swiss cheese is really in the land, the lush mountain pastures that produce 450 varieties in scenic green landscapes full of flowers. In Switzerland there is always a cheese celebration somewhere.
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    These were the homes of real celebrities, and are mute witnesses to their brilliance and one affair after another.
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    You don’t travel the same at 20 as at 50. The good news is that as we lose stamina we gain judgement: from “anything new” to knowing what we want.
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    It only happens twice a year. It’s not a meteorological phenomenon, but golf fans mark St Andrews Golf Week in red on their calendars.
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    Don’t worry if you can’t travel to the world’s best restaurants. The whole team from Noma, Alinea and The Fat Duck are temporarily coming to you.
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    The three new stars granted to restaurants on the Costa del Sol by the 2016 Michelin Guide are a prime example of the gastronomic revival of southern Spain.
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    Google Street View allows us to be transported to the most remote places in the world without having to leave the comfort of our own sofas. Our latest discovery? The ruins of Petra under the guidance of Queen Rania of Jordan.
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    In Burkina Faso, FESTIMA, a festival devoted to African masks, is held every two years, featuring parades and ritual dances.
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    The Mars One project offers a one-way trip to Mars. If you’re feeling a little less heroic but you’d like to experience Martian landscapes for yourself, there are alternatives here on Earth.
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    Like an oasis in the middle of the desert, it rises up as a city of record figures. The biggest, the highest and most expensive have all been built here.
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    Veggie-friendly restaurants, supermarkets and festivals are multiplying at a time of increasing awareness about what we eat, including delicious suggestions that will make even the most carnivorous succumb to its ways.
    You reach your city hotel and you feel like relaxing in nature. Thanks to Broomx technology, you can adapt your room to suit your mood by using your smartphone.
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    For centuries it appeared that the earth had swallowed it up. When it was rediscovered by mankind, the most fascinating Angkor temple amazed its discoverers.
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    It’s not every day that we find water in the desert. The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is full of lakes during the months of May and October.
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    Mark Twain wrote that Mauritius was used as a model for heaven. The archipelago in the Indian Ocean is also a holy centre of Hinduism, connected to the Ganges by the gods.
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    The Blue Lagoon is, as they say, “an oasis of relaxation”: thermal waters and a luxury spa where you can get away from it all.
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    At school they teach you that water is colourless, but the lakes of Kelimutu volcano will make you seriously question this statement.
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    Amongst the trees, a hill rises majestically, hiding an archaeological site and the oldest gardens in Asia.
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    The craze for D.I.Y is nothing new. Centuries before the appearance of Pinterest and tutorials on YouTube, they were already putting it into practice in Peru.
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    The bay of secret agents to be more specific. We are in Phang Nga Bay, an unspoilt, wild area whose splendour has not been tarnished by mass tourism.
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    If beaches were ranked as hotels are, Whitehaven Beach would have five stars.
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    The best way to fight against the grey of the Scottish skies is to give them colour. In this small fishing village, they are all too aware of this and have turned their port into a picture postcard.
    Say “aloha” to Hanauma Bay, whose beach is formed in the shape of a volcanic crater.
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