>>>A room suited to your every need

A room suited to your every need

You reach your city hotel and you feel like relaxing in nature. Thanks to Broomx technology, you can adapt your room to suit your mood by using your smartphone.
eception desks manned by robots, futuristic decorations, voice-controlled lights in your room; any service that you can think of inside a hotel. The sector is continuously innovating in order to evolve and adapt to meet the ever-changing demands of its clients. The Broomx project has gone beyond imagination in order to create a revolutionary experience in the relationship between guest and hotel room.
Six projectors turn the walls of a room into screens.
Photo: Broomx

Personalised experiences

The ‘You Are Not Alone’ experience fills the room with images selected from users’ smartphones so that they will never feel lonely again while travelling. If they prefer, they can activate the ‘Earthquake’ experience as an alarm clock and start the day with a bang.

Travelling is connected to the emotions. The immersive rooms developed by Broomx attempt to explore the emotional connections between guests and their destination or origin. According to this technology, guests become the room, because only they know what they need to achieve their greatest happiness. Some might prefer classical luxury, while others will prefer minimalist lines. It will no longer be necessary to try to satisfy all tastes.
Until now, hotels have focused on completing their facilities with spas and terraces or by offering extra ticketing services or butlers. They had never been able to provide such personalised experiences. In immersive rooms, as well as having control over all elements of the room, from the audio to the high-tech furniture, the room also recognises its guests. You just need to have an application installed on your smartphone in order to control the audio-visual experiences that are projected onto your room walls.
Broomx is based on the philosophy 'You are the Room!'
Photo: Broomx
“The added value is the ability to create immersive, interactive and personalised environments in a standard hotel room”, says Diego Serrano, CEO of Broomx. Some of the features that it offers, prepared in partnership with audio-visual designers, artists and extreme sportsmen, range from sunrise on the Moon with a great view of planet Earth and detailed information about what is happening in the various corners of the world, to a group of animals running through the jungle, or a concert by your favourite artist. All without leaving your hotel room.
The 'You Are Not Alone' experience will ensure you always feel close to friends and family.
Photo: Broomx
One of the experiences that enables us to better appreciate the high degree of personalisation that Broomx is searching for is ‘Dad in Travel’, specifically designed for mothers and fathers who have to travel due to work. After a hard working day, when they arrive at their hotel, their room welcomes them with images of the progress of their children at nursery school recorded by using a webcam, their school marks or, via Evernote, the drawings that they are making at that exact moment.
That’s why at Broomx they say: “A room is a room, but with Broomx that room can be so much more”. The future is here, thanks to this technology which promises to revolutionise the hotel-room experience.

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