>>>#landscape for digital travellers
Photo: Photo: Dino Mehle

#landscape for digital travellers

Follow in the tracks of these five travelling instagramers. Their photos brighten up our everyday and make any destination a tribute to beauty and adventure.

he question isn’t why do we travel?; rather it’s a case of why don’t we travel more? What for most of us is a dream, some make into a way of life. Perhaps the reason is the famous wanderlust, which prevents them from getting stuck in the same place, or perhaps they are simply braver.

On Instagram, the visual social network with more than 400 million active users, we found these five profiles that will convert your smartphone into a windown on the whole world, and force you to take time out for yourself.

@true.living – Ljubljana, Slovenia

True Living promises it “won’t get too hipster”, but it can’t seem to avoid it. This profile brings together hundreds of images taken by travellers who have decided to enjoy more, travel more and have a realer life. The evocative images show genuine 21st-century nomads. Its owner, Dino Mehle (@hidemelon), is also travelling. When asked about the origins of True Living, he says he created the profile “inspired by artists, adventurers and photographers”. Apparently, he “felt related to them and started moving too”. Infected by the images he shares, he commenced his own journey, which took him from the Dominican Republic to Portugal.


@ravivora – Germany

Freelance creative director and photographer, Ravi Vora is a great storyteller. He is also author of the film An Instagram Generation, which explores the experiences of different artists on this social network.

His peculiar vision gives us a supernatural and mysterious perspective on the places he visits. On his profile, you can find everything from wild horses in Canada to castles in Scotland. His photos brim with unusual colours, fog, sparkles and reflections that play with symmetry.

@mary_quincy – París, France

Mary Quincy began exploring her city, Paris. When we spoke to her, she told us “I was walking 15km a day, and I enjoyed taking pictures with my iPhone”. Two years ago, she made that passion into a reality and since then, she hasn’t put her camera down. Dubai, Indonesia, Santorini and London are some of the cities you can see on her profile. Serene spaces, bursting with light, are the subjects of her images. “I have this thing about waking before sunrise every day while travelling, to explore a place without anyone else around.” Her photos convey vitality and joy. “I have never felt happier than when I am travelling and exploring new countries”


@fosterhunting – New York, USA

Foster Huntington was a young New York designer with a promising future. But, he left it all behind to spend three years travelling the world in an old van. He now lives in Washington, in a tree house. The moments he captures are part of a way of life that is free and always in motion. He finances it through his work as a photographer and by publishing the Home Is Where You Park It Photo Book, produced through Kickstarter.

Watching the rain showers come through last night

A photo posted by Foster Huntington (@fosterhunting) on

@benjaminhardman – Reikiavik, Iceland

The mystical Icelandic landscape looks like another planet. Nature appears strange and volatile through his lens. His high-angle shots offer a different perspective of one of the most popular destinations on Instagram. The success of the  portrait series he did of his girlfriend Amy, dressed in pink in the middle of icy landscapes, was used to finance projects that help preserve Iceland for future generations of photographers and adventure lovers.

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