>>>The LEGO monuments

The LEGO monuments

Until 3 March over a dozen giant structures made out of LEGO will be on display in the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago. Some of the most outstanding models are the Colosseum, the International Space Station and an 18-metre-long Golden Gate Bridge. Apart from admiring the works, the building area is open to visitors so they can demonstrate their creative skills and test their structures on a surface that simulates earthquakes or in a wind tunnel.
Adam Reed Tucker, the artist behind ‘Brick by Brick’, is one of the few LEGO Certified Professionals in the world. He has used more than 64,000 pieces to build the works, which include futuristic structures created by international architecture firms, such as SOM (Chicago), Adjaye Associates (London) and Kengo Kuma (Tokyo). They show some of the challenges cities will face in the near future, like water shortage, rising populations and climate change.

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