>>>New treasures for the Swarovski Giant
Photo: Gerhard Berger©Swarovski Kristallwelten

New treasures for the Swarovski Giant

Infinite mirrors, trapeze artists and a mountain merry-go-round are some of the new additions to Swarovski Crystal Worlds for this spring. Less than half an hour from Innsbruck, it is a place where children imagine themselves as grown-ups and grown-ups become children.

nce upon a time, a giant left his home to travel far away and contemplate all the treasures and wonders of the world. Everything of value he came across in his travels he took to Wattens, in Tyrol, and kept in caves known as the Chambers of Wonders. He settled down there and has watched over those treasures ever since.

It was Austrian multimedia artist André Heller who first imagined this story—inspired by his childhood fantasies—and created the Swarovski Crystal Worlds universe. Opened in 1995 to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the Swarovski firm, the Park has been visited by more than fourteen million people. Today, it is an unmissable excursion from Innsbruck. An Alice in Wonderland kind of adventure, except that here the rabbit hole is made of crystal and everything shines much brighter.

Special guests

This season, the Giant is joined by artists from Circus Roncalli, one of the most famous in Germany. A colourful spectacle complete with sawdust and jaunty music evokes the magic of vintage circus. Clowns, jugglers and daring trapeze artists will fill the Swarovski universe with excitement, wonder and applause.

Crystal Worlds consists of 17 chambers housing installations by different international artists. A journey through precious objects, reflections and hidden secrets traversed, flashlight in hand, with a book of riddles and puzzles.


The latest space has been designed by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who has worked for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton. Her amazing ‘Chandelier of Grief’ is a room completely lined by mirrors that wrap around a gigantic Swarovski crystal chandelier, creating the illusion of an endless space. The search for treasures continues to other halls where you’ll find Cinderella’s slippers, the largest crystal in the world—with a hundred precision-cut facets—and the smallest, and a room with 595 mirrors, eight of which are so-called spy mirrors hiding fascinating pieces of art.

Yayoi Kusama in Swarovski Crystal World
The room designed by Yayoi Kusama creates an optical effect as the chandelier rotates.


It’s a crystal fantasyland that extends to the gardens surrounding the great giant. A glittering playground that contrasts with the mountain range that reaches as far as Innsbruck, to which the sheep are also invited. There, children and adults discover that “Swarovski Worlds have no limits” and are explored vertically, horizontally and even floating. The youngest (from 4 years old) can use the playtower with its crystal façade. The levels are connected by a vertical net that lets them climb around in all directions at a height of up to 14 metres.

Playtower at Swarovski Crystal Worlds
Opening hours are extended until 22:00 during July and August.
Photo: David Schreyer ©Swarovski Kristallwelten

With the arrival of good weather, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds garden opens up other delights to enjoy with the family. After getting lost in and finding your way out of the hand-shaped labyrinth, face the challenge of creating colossal soap bubbles, stretch out in a yoga session and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of open-air cinema. These are just some of the options for this spring-summer, which also promises the answer to every child’s dream: an imaginative merry-go-round, designed by artist Jaime Hayon, where you can watch the mountains flash by as you ride.

Creativity has infused even the kitchen. From hotdogs from the original Fat Bus—a curvaceous, mustard-coloured food truck—to pastries and chocolates from the Daniels Kristallwelten restaurant, worthy of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Any picnic tastes better close to the Crystal Cloud, a display of 800,000 crystals that seems to float overhead. One thing is certain, the gleam in our eyes may not be Swarovski, but everything else is.

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