>>>New heights of gastronomy

New heights of gastronomy

Prepare to dine in the sky…because what we’re suggesting is that you eat hanging from a tree in the heart of the Thai jungle. Are you prepared to eat dinner at such a height?
Make sure you go to the toilet before sitting down at the table, because “at the back on your right” will be quite a bit more complicated in Treepod Dining. In exchange, you’ll have an amazing experience that will make concentrating on the menu and even on your companion a hard task. We can’t guarantee a dinner that will have your undivided attention, but who wants that when there are views like these?

Moved by the wind

The restaurant sways slightly, but it’s not uncomfortable and it doesn’t move enough to spill your wine. On the contrary, it provides peace and quiet and a relaxing experience in itself. However, just in case, you can fasten your seatbelt.

Imagine sitting comfortably 16 metres high up in a restaurant made of bamboo in the tropical jungle of Koh Kood in Thailand. Your companion can sit by your side or opposite you, better to enjoy the landscape because it is incredible: the sun reflected in the sea, the waves breaking on the rocks, and then the trees, lots of trees. However, we will give you one piece of advice: if you want to make sure that the waiters treat you well, try to order everything in one go because they might not find it too funny if you forget to order bread and force them make several trips to your table. If we take into account that they move around this strange restaurant by using zip-lines, this appears quite reasonable. As well as a good memory to make note of an entire order, the waiters must also be in excellent physical condition.
The bamboo restaurant is built as if it were a nest, and appears camouflaged at the top of the tree just like any other one. This way it not only fulfils an aesthetic function, but also shows great respect for nature and the environment it inhabits, which is also manifested in the menu, prepared using environmentally friendly products from the Thai province of Trat. They provide breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can decide at which point of the day you wish to hear the birds singing from nearby trees.
Treepod Dining is the name of this unique restaurant that is part of the Soneva Kiri resort, a luxury complex located 350 kilometres southeast of Bangkok, which makes it a relatively accessible spot from the city centre. Surrounded by coconut trees and beaches with crystal-clear water, here you can choose from villas with one to six bedrooms, some located overlooking the sea.
Everything in Soneva Kiri is designed so that you can rest and relax. Here they are committed to what they call the ‘slow life’. Although this philosophy is followed throughout the resort, the spa is its purest expression, so leave your stresses behind and forget your watch because this promises to be a real journey for the senses without having to move locations.

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