>>>You go to Venus and I’ll go to Mars

You go to Venus and I’ll go to Mars

You can’t say that the distance between men’s and women’s travelling habits is planetary, but it’s not far off. Here are some of the clichés that make us different.

en don’t mind travelling alone; they prefer exotic or adventure destinations and they usually improvise as they go along. On the other hand, women like to travel with a partner or in a group, they enjoy cultural visits and don’t leave the slightest detail to chance. These are just a few of the most common stereotypes that divide travelling habits into sexes but because we don’t want to raise suspicion, here are some figures.

Women travel more than men

According to a survey commissioned by SpringHill Suites, women travel more often than men. This is partly due to that fact that they spend more of their savings on getaways. Coinc, a Spanish portal that studies how people organise their savings, established in 2015 that women spent 3% more of their savings than men. During the trip, women spend money on fashion and duty-free products, while men prefer to buy food and drink. What’s more, a separate study conducted by the International Currency Exchange, found the same thing, as did a survey of people who work in bars.

Woman with suitcase.
Women tend to get to the airport earlier than men.

Men know how to relax

After arriving at the destination, the way to ‘enjoy the trip’ is also a matter of sexes. Princess Cruises conducts an annual survey on this subject and the results don’t usually vary: women find it more difficult than men to switch off, though they normally appreciate the new environment more than men.

Are you travelling with your partner? Who decides?

Men usually go with the flow when it comes to planning. Yes, the initiative is feminine –like in many other vital moments– as regards the date, little decisions during the trip and the destination itself (confirmed in a survey by Sunshine.co.uk that quizzed British travellers). The final click of the booking is made by females and they prefer cultural and urban destinations. In addition, they prefer package holidays, while men usually start off by making sure of a hotel’s availability.

Although women usually make more plans and they start arranging their holiday earlier, they also cope better with any unexpected events. On the other hand, men prefer to improvise but react badly to delays or any problems during the journey. Patience (or impatience) is also a matter of sexes.


Too much luggage

SpringHill Suites reflects that male travellers normally pack their bags at the last minute, whereas females like to pack ahead of time. However, women put more items in their cases and 91% confess that they don’t wear everything they take. A survey by The Holiday Hypermarket Poll, carried out on British tourists, found that for a one-week trip, women take 36 items, exactly twice as many as men, who pack an average of 18 pieces.

Man jumping in the mountain with backpack on his back.
Adventure destinations are usually more popular with men.

You in the aisle and me by the window

The window seats on planes are normally occupied by women. This is confirmed by studies conducted by companies like Delta and Virgin Airlines on passenger behaviour, which also is also affected by the differences between sexes. Females choose the window seat because they think it is more comfortable and it is where they least annoy the other passengers. On the other hand, males prefer the aisle seat and they don’t care if they use the arm rest (even if they have to share it with someone else). The women that fly with Virgin usually entertain themselves during the flight by watching a film, while the men look for a sports event from among the multimedia offerings. Just the same as on solid ground.

Couple in car consulting a map.
Sense of direction depends on a person’s spatial skills, not their gender.

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